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Zalma Insurance Consultants (ZIC) makes available Barry Zalma's more than 45 years of practical insurance claims experience to serve those who are faced with an insurance claims or coverage dispute.  ZIC will assist its clients to resolve any insurance problem faced by lawyers representing insurers, lawyers representing policyholders, insurance claims management, insurance claims personnel, and those they seek to serve. The experience and skill of Mr. Zalma as a consultant and expert witness can make the difference before a jury, other trier of fact, or mediator.

Barry Zalma founded ZIC to help resolve every insurance claim problem faced by you or your clients. His experience and skill as a consultant and expert witness can make the difference before a jury or other trier of fact. For more than 45 years as a claims person and insurance coverage attorney, Barry Zalma has represented insurers, advised insurers on claims handling, interpreted coverages and testified as an insurance coverage, insurance bad faith, insurance claims handling and insurance fraud expert on behalf of insurers and policy holders’ suing insurers.

Mr. Zalma is an internationally recognized expert on insurance, insurance claims handling, insurance coverage, insurance fraud, and insurance bad faith. Barry Zalma will promptly review your file materials and advise you about the viability of your decision to sue or your defenses. He can help you narrow the scope of discovery

Consultation with Mr. Zalma and ZIC can save you or your client thousands of dollars in the defense or prosecution of an insurance dispute. ZIC will assist you in the effort to find a solution to an insurance claims dispute that is fair, intelligent, beneficial and economical.

ZIC is available to provide expert advice and, if needed, expert testimony to individuals and their counsel. Advice from ZIC is indispensable to the resolution of insurance disputes. Consultation from ZIC can save you, your counsel or client hundreds of hours of investigative and legal work.

With comprehensive knowledge of insurance and insurance claims handling Mr. Zalma understands, and can explain in language a lay jury understands, how and why insurance claims should be resolved.

ZIC rates are all inclusive. Mr. Zalma's hourly fee takes account of all incidentals from telephone calls and postage to computer time and word processing. As for third-party costs, ZIC passes along all discounts and vendor savings. The client pays what ZIC pays. Not a penny more. ZIC has made the billing process simple.


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Expert Witness

Mr. Zalma has testified as an insurance claims handling, insurance coverage, insurance bad faith and insurance fraud expert witness in the  state courts of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nebraska and federal district courts in various jurisdictions throughout the country, and even testified in an arbitration held in the British Cayman Islands.

Coverage Lawyer

Barry Zalma, Esq., is available to assist insurers, policyholders, or their counsel who need advice and counsel concerning:

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance Bad Faith

  • Insurance Claims Handling

  • Insurance Litigation Support

  • Suspected Insurance Fraud

Insurance policies are contracts, and to understand insurance policies each party must recognize how all contracts, and specifically insurance contracts, are interpreted.  Barry Zalma, as an insurance coverage attorney with more than 45-years experience, is uniquely qualified to provide advice and counsel on how to interpret an insurance policy as it applies to a specific fact situation and how to resolve disputes concerning insurance.

If an insurer or policyholder is faced with a question requiring a professional opinion concerning insurance coverage, insurance claims handling or insurance fraud and there is a dispute about the interpretation of a particular insurance coverage, Mr. Zalma has the expertise needed to assist the insurer or the policyholder to resolve the dispute.

Mr. Zalma is an internationally recognized expert on insurance claims handling, insurance coverage, insurance fraud investigations, and the tort of bad faith.

Arbitrator or Mediator

Mr. Zalma and ZIC understand that litigation is expensive and does not always resolve a dispute. He is also available, therefore, to serve as an arbitrator or mediator for any insurance dispute. Because Mr. Zalma limits his services to insurance disputes and does not operate through a mediation or arbitration service the cost of his services are much less than the cost of an arbitrator or mediator from such a service.

Most people cannot define, let alone understand, insurance. Mr. Zalma, a native Californian, accepts the California definition of "insurance" which was codified as follows:

"Insurance is a contract whereby one undertakes to indemnify another against loss, damage, or liability arising from a contingent or unknown event." [California Insurance Code Section 22]

New Zalma Books

New From Barry & Thea Zalma


Passover is a time when every Jewish father and mother tell their children the story of the Exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. It is a story that Jewish people have told every year for more than 3,000 years. It is a very personal story and applies to each of us as if we were the people who lived it so long ago.

It is a story never to be forgotten. For those of us who have assimilated into the United States and who do not speak Hebrew my wife and I wrote an English only Passover story so that we and our children and grandchildren will understand the story of Passover without a great deal of ritual.

It is available for a small price as a 15 page e-book. If you purchase the e-book you have our permission to print as many copies as you need to conduct your own Passover Seder. It will be available at until Passover and then will be deleted.

New From Barry Zalma

Mold Claims Coverage Guide

Today, mold claims are common, but they continue to grow in complexity, involving not only property damage but bodily injury as well. Mold-related lawsuits have dramatically increased over the past few years, and the numbers continue to rise. Coverage requirements—and related issues—can be complicated and confusing.  This resource will remove the complexity and allow the insurer, insured, property owner or developer and their counsel to deal with mold quickly and effectively and, if possible, avoid unnecessary litigation.


Price: $98.00

Construction Defects Coverage Guide

This insightful and practical two volume resource was envisioned and written by nationally renowned expert Barry Zalma, and it thoroughly explains how to identify construction defects and how to insure, investigate, prosecute, and defend cases that result from construction defect claims.

Construction Defects Coverage Guide was designed to help property owners, developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, insurers, and lenders, as well as their risk managers and lawyers rapidly resolve construction defect claims when they arise and avoid construction litigation.  If litigation becomes necessary it will help the prosecution or defense of construction defect suits effectively.


Price: $196.00

Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide

Insurance contracts and clauses are specific in nature—but the manner in which insurance claims are pursued and resolved can be remarkably different.  Mistakes in handling a claim can undermine the outcome—and ultimate value—of the claim itself.

Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide is the one resource that enables insurance professionals, producers, underwriters, attorneys, risk managers, and business owners to successfully handle insurance claims from start to finish—employing proven, practical techniques and best practices every step of the way.


Price: $196.00

The Insurance Fraud Deskbook

The Insurance Fraud Deskbook
Author(s):  Barry Zalma
Sponsor(s):  Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section
Publisher(s):   ABA Book Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-62722-676-9
Product Code: 5190506
2014, 638 pages, 7 x 10

large image

This book is written for individuals who are focused on the effort to reduce expensive and pervasive occurrences of insurance fraud. Lawyers who represent insurers, claims personnel, prosecutors and their investigators can all benefit from this exhaustive resource.

The Insurance Fraud Deskbook is a valuable resource for those who are engaged in the effort to reduce expensive and pervasive occurrences of insurance fraud. It explains the elements of the crime and the tort to claims personnel, and it provides information for lawyers who represent insurers, so they can adequately advise their clients. Prosecutors and their investigators can use this book to determine what is required to prove the crime and win their case.

The full text of decisions from courts of appeal and supreme courts across the country are provided so the reader can understand what happens after the investigation is completed and can apply that information to undertake their own thorough investigations. It allows claims personnel and their lawyers to understand what errors would cause a defeat or a not-guilty verdict.

The effort to reduce insurance fraud requires the assistance of both civil and criminal courts. The Insurance Fraud Deskbook can help the prudent fraud investigator, insurance adjuster, insurance attorney, insurance Special Investigation Unit, and insurance company management to attain the information needed to deal with state investigators and prosecutors.

Available from the American Bar Association at:; or, or 800-285-2221.

If you want to communicate with me just click on my name and send me an E-Mail.

Barry Zalma

4441 Sepulveda Boulevard

CULVER CITY CA 90230-4847


Fax: 310-391-5614 or

Follow on Twitter at


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