Murder and Insurance Fraud Don't Mix -- A Novella Only $5.00

A Novella by Barry Zalma

(c) 2011


Insurance fraud is often described as a victimless crime since no one seems to care what happens to an insurance company.  Some people, however, are willing to do anything to succeed in insurance fraud. In this story Mr. Zalma's insurance investigator, Marion Orpheus Montague (MOM) investigates a jewelry store robbery only to find it is coupled with the murder of a developmentally disabled person who lived in MOM's neighborhood.

Joining with a Culver City, California Detective, MOM works to defeat a fraudulent claim and coincidentally helps to also solve a murder.

This novella deals with the investigation of an insurance fraud perpetrator who murdered an innocent employee to avoid being caught at insurance fraud.

First updated:  September 5, 2011

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