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Mr. Zalma is available for consultation on any and all insurance issues faced by you or your clients.

He is knowledgeable and qualifies as an expert in cases involving insurance bad faith, insurance claims, insurance claims handling, and insurance fraud. Mr. Zalma aids insurers, insurance agents and brokers, and attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants with their insurance cases.

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Consultation To Insurers and Those In The Business 

Services to Insurers & Their Counsel

An insurer can successfully oppose bad faith claims by demonstrating it relied upon the expert(s) it retained during the course of the claim investigation to deny coverage.

Every insurer that denies a claim faces a potential bad faith lawsuit. Zalma Insurance Consultants (ZIC) exists to strengthen an insurer's defenses to make it possible to defeat almost every bad faith suit.

It is now settled law in most states that when an insurer denies a claim or delays the payment of policy benefits due to a genuine dispute with its insured, it is not liable in bad faith, even if it is liable for breach of contract.

A ZIC consultation will allow your counsel to prove that the denial of a claim was a well-reasoned decision based upon the facts, the policy wording and the law. A ZIC expert consultant will establish that there was a genuine dispute between the insurer and the insured. If a suit is filed against an insurer counsel should be able to eliminate the allegations of bad faith by motion, save the insurer the expense of defending a bad faith action, and eliminate the hazard of a punitive damages judgment.

ZIC is a service of Barry Zalma, Inc. and provides the services of Barry Zalma, Esq. 

To the extent you have questions regarding services, call me at the office, on the weekend, or whenever convenient to you.

Consultation For Insureds and Their Counsel


Services to Insureds & Their Counsel

Almost every lawsuit filed against an insurance company, especially when a claim is denied for fraud, alleges that the insurer acted in bad faith. 

In the first party context, bad faith claims typically allege that the insurer did not have a reasonable basis to deny coverage, and that the insurer engaged in unfair or deceptive conduct in the process of handling the claim and reaching its conclusions regarding coverage. 

In the third party context, there is typically an allegation that the insurer failed to timely settle a claim in which liability had become reasonably clear. Insurers, with unfounded courage, deny claims based on the recommendations of a claims handler whose experience may be, and usually is, limited.

Consultation with ZIC can make it possible for the plaintiff to obtain the information necessary to successfully pursue a suit against an insurer and defeat a claim that the denial was based on a genuine dispute. If Mr. Zalma has no conflict with the insurer he can promptly and effectively enhance your probabilities of success.

ZIC is a service of Barry Zalma, Inc. and provides the services of Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE. 

To the extent you have questions regarding services, call me at the office, on the weekend, or whenever convenient to you. 

Review From Professional

W. D. Smith, Jr., MBA, CPCU, CLU, ChFC, AIM, AIS, AI, State Farm Fire Core Property Claim Team Manager, reported about a training program I wrote:

“I must tell you that this is the most enjoyable course I have ever taken. I learned or was reminded of so much. I was moved. I was inspired. I will use insights from your course to educate and motivate my employees who handle and adjust claims in 34 states across the country. I will also be recommending your course to anyone who needs continuing education. In fact, please let me know if you have any other courses in the catalogue.

“As you can see from my signature line below, I’ve taken a course or two over the years. I just want you to know how much I appreciate the time, the care, and the love for (and understanding of) this industry that you demonstrated by writing such a fantastic course. The depth and breadth of knowledge and research were impressive to say the least. The fow was outstanding. The text was written thoughtfully, with appropriate respect, wonderful quotes, and with subtle humor…. All of this was a refreshing change from much of the insurance coursework that is typically available….

“Mr. Zalma, this course was simply OUTSTANDING! Thank you so very much for creating it!”

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