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Welcome to, a ZeroLearning™ Company. LearnNothing is the internet's most innovative, flexible and comprehensive provider of online continuing education for the insurance industry.

We here at LearnNothing understand that busy agents like you don't want to waste time and money learning stuff that that you don't have to know. And, God knows, your customers don't care either...they just want insurance and they want it cheap, just the way you want your CE. That's where we come in...

In order to comply with state CE regulations, all of our online courses are provided in two formats. The first format is based on our state-of-the-art "Blank Page" Technology (BPT™) that enables us to produce thousands of unique online courses that consist largely of blank pages. Best of all, these courses are INCREDIBLY cheap and, boy, are you going to LOVE the examinations!

Click here to learn more about our incredible typing monkeys...However, some bean-counting insurance departments base CE approvals on word counts...and that's where we REALLY blow the competition away! Rather than employ legions of expensive, out-of-touch insurance geeks to develop complicated, high-brow courses that just waste your time, we use a team of rare, highly trained typing monkeys to pump out volumes of mindless, low-cost drivel.

So, regardless of the format dictated by your insurance department, you'll have our reassurance that WE won't waste your time by discussing difficult concepts like "the peril of fire" and "deductibles." Sure, we'll all pretend what you're doing is worthwhile, but we'll know better, won't we? (wink, wink) And you'll also have our exclusive "Minute of Work for an Hour of CE" guarantee...if you have to spend more than a minute of clicking for each hour of CE credit, we'll refund your money!

But don't take my word for it...try one of our FREE, non-CE online courses right now and see for yourself. Just click on the FREE course graphic to the left and find out why EVERYBODY'S talking about, home of the rare typing monkeys!

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Click here if you want to do something about BAD CE!

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