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Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter 


Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter (ZIFL) continues its nineteenth year of publication dedicated to those involved in reducing the effect of insurance fraud. ZIFL is published 24 times a year by ClaimSchool. It is provided free to clients, friends of the Law Offices of Barry Zalma, Inc., clients of Zalma Insurance Consultants and anyone who submits an E-mail address.


The comments made are for information only and are not intended as legal advice. Recipients of ZIFL are authorized by ClaimSchool and Barry Zalma to make as many copies as needed to pass to your friends and staff as long as you do not copy for resale. You can be on the free mailing list for ZIFL by clicking on the link below.





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Zalma on Insurance 


A Source of Insurance Law and Information -- Zalma on Insurance exists to provide information on current developments in the law of insurance for people in the business of insurance and those who are insured. It will provide practical information for the use of insurers and insureds faced with claims. Insurance is not supposed to be an adversarial relationship. That it has become so is obvious from the volume of suits filed by and against insurers faced with claims.


At this site you can purchase a copy of Barry Zalma's E-Books: Getting the Whole Truth, Arson for Profit, Insurance Fraud, Zalma on California Claims Regulations, Zalma on Diminution in Value Damages, Insurance Cases and Materials, and Heads I Win, Tail You Lose, and multiple articles on subjects relating to insurance, insurance claims and insurance fraud.


Mr. Zalma has also written claims training materials for A.D. Banker Company, WebCE, CLM, Compliance Online, and others that offer continuing education credits for insurance adjusters, public insurance adjusters and insurance agents and brokers on Insurance Fraud & Wespons to Fight Fraud, Investigating the Claim, Identifying Insurance Fraud and Heads I Win, Tails You Lose.  A.D. Banker will soon have a new course on Ethics and Insurance Bad Faith.

Live Training Available in Person or By Webinar 


Barry Zalma Presents What Your Insurance Organization Needs.


Mr. Zalma's presentations are practical, thought-provoking, entertaining and will not cause you to reevaluate your budget. Barry is enthusiastically committed to professionalism in insurance and insurance claims. He positively influences other insurance professionals through the spoken and written word. He specializes in clarifying the importance of insurance in a modern society and in  making insurance understandable.


How Will Your Group or Organization Benefit From Working With Barry Zalma?


You can expect:


bulletClear and understandable presentations that involve the youngest member of your organization.
bulletPresentations that entice the most experienced person in your organization who thinks he or she has nothing to learn.
bulletEnhanced of communications between claims and legal service providers.
bulletMethods to make claims operations more cost effective.
bulletImproved recognition of the indicators or "red flags of fraud."
bulletBetter understanding of how to deal with people presenting claims
bulletImproved interviewing techniques.
bulletMethods to achieve a quantifiable reduction in claims expenses and indemnity payments.


Some Courses Available


bulletUnderwriting Issues
bulletUse of an Insurance Coverage and Claims Handling Expert in Insurance Litigation
bulletInsurance Fraud & Weapons to Fight Fraud
bulletPresentation and Adjustment of Claims in a Catastrophe
bulletHow to Read and Understand an Insurance Policy
bulletThe Examination Under Oath
bulletAppraisal, A Specialized and Narrow Type of Insurance Arbitration
bulletRescission of Insurance Policies
bulletCatastrophes and Fraud
bulletTorts for the Claims Person -- A Primer
bulletAvoiding the Tort of Bad Faith
bulletArson and Arson for Profit
bulletInvestigating the Mold Insurance Claim and Avoiding Coverage Pitfalls
bulletUnderwriting for the Lawyer or Claims Person
bulletRepresenting an Insurer Faced with a Suspected Fraudulent Claim
bulletEvaluation and Settlement of a Third Party Liability Claim
bulletInvestigation, Evaluation and Settlement of a First Party Property Claim
bulletDealing with the Public Insurance Adjuster
bulletBarry Zalma will customize a talk and speak on any insurance topic you require. 



This service is completely FREE.

Legal Disclaimer:
The author and publisher disclaim any liability, loss, or risk incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this web site. The information provided is not a substitute for the advice of a competent insurance, legal, or other professional. If you desire legal advice you may retain the services of Mr. Zalma.

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Updated  June 4, 2015