Barry Zalma


A Speaker for Every Insurance Training or Education Need


Barry Zalma Presents What Your Insurance Organization Needs.

Mr. Zalma's presentations are practical, thought-provoking, entertaining and will not cause you to reevaluate your budget.

Barry is enthusiastically committed to professionalism in insurance and insurance claims. He positively influences other insurance professionals through the spoken and written word.

Mr. Zalma specializes in clarifying the importance of insurance in a modern society and in  making insurance understandable.



How Will Your Group or Organization Benefit From Working With Barry Zalma?

You can expect:

  • Clear and understandable presentations that involve the both youngest and oldest member of your organization.

  • Presentations that entice the most experienced person in your organization who thinks he or she has nothing to learn.

  • Enhanced communications between claims and legal service providers.

  • Methods to make claims operations more cost effective.

  • Improved recognition of the indicators or "red flags of fraud."

  • Better understanding of how to deal with people presenting claims

  • Improved interviewing techniques.

  • Ability to use methods that achieve a quantifiable reduction in claims expenses and indemnity payments while leaving the insured totally satisfied.

Opportunities for Using Barry Zalma's Services as a speaker:

  • Keynote or workshop speaker

  • Seminars with claims, insurance or risk management professionals

  • Retreats for executives, managers, departments & staff

  • Consulting for legal, claims or underwriting  departments

  • Special events such as I-Day, CPCU Chapter meetings

  • Special training session -- customized to your  needs, and

  • more based upon your specifications.




About Barry Zalma

Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE is the author of over 500 published articles and many books on topics relating to insurance, insurance coverage, insurance claims, insurance fraud, investigation and claims handling.  He wrote  Insurance Claims -- A Comprehensive Guide; The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth, Mold: A Comprehensive Claims Guide; Construction Defects: Litigation and Claims;  and the monthly Zalma's Insurance Fraud Letter published by ClaimSchool and transmitted to over three thousand readers every month by e-mail or over the internet.  

Mr. Zalma is a California attorney and Certified Fraud Examiner with more than 42 years experience in the insurance business.  He is a frequent speaker before insurance, risk management and legal groups.


The following is a list of some topics that Mr. Zalma has covered in the past.

He will, at your order, create a talk that will fit the needs of your organization.

  • Underwriting Issues
  • Use of an Insurance Coverage and Claims Handling Expert in Insurance Litigation
  • Insurance Fraud & Weapons to Fight Fraud
  • Presentation and Adjustment of Claims in a Catastrophe
  • How to Read and Understand an Insurance Policy
  • The Examination Under Oath
  • Appraisal, A Specialized and Narrow Type of Insurance Arbitration
  • Rescission of Insurance Policies
  • Catastrophes and Fraud
  • Torts for the Claims Person -- A Primer
  • Avoiding the Tort of Bad Faith
  • Arson and Arson for Profit
  • Investigating the Mold Insurance Claim and Avoiding Coverage Pitfalls
  • Underwriting for the Lawyer or Claims Person
  • Representing an Insurer Faced with a Suspected Fraudulent Claim
  • Evaluation and Settlement of a Third Party Liability Claim
  • Investigation, Evaluation and Settlement of a First Party Property Claim
  • Dealing with the Public Insurance Adjuster
  • Comprehensive First or Third-Party Insurance Claims Handling
  • Barry Zalma will customize a talk and speak on any insurance topic you require. 


Contact Barry Zalma at:

Barry Zalma, Inc.

4441 Sepulveda Boulevard

CULVER CITY CA 90230-4847


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