Insurance 101 – Volume 48 – The Examination Under Oath

The Examination Under Oath

The EUO is an investigative tool made available to the insurer. It allows the insurer to delve deeply and under oath into all aspects of the policy and the loss. The testimony to be elicited is not constrained by rules of discovery or the Codes of Civil Procedure.

The only restraint on the EUO is reasonableness. Unlimited questions are allowed. Only totally irrelevant and unreasonable questions dealing with facts completely outside the policy, its acquisition or the loss are not favored.

Irrelevant questions are tolerated if there is any possibility the question may lead to an inquiry about facts relevant to the policy or claim. In fact, there are no questions that are irrelevant in an EUO since each question may lead to more important information that could never have been learned about had not a foundation been laid by questions that appear, on their face, to be irrelevant. Since there are no rules for the taking of the EUO any question asked is important and must be answered.

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