Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter

December 1, 2015

Volume 19, No. 23

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Volume 19, No. 23 –  December 1, 2015

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Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter – October 15, 2015

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This Issue contains stories dealing with the following subjects:

  • Refuse to Submit to EUO – Lose Everything
  • Profomative Academy Courses by Barry Zalma
  • New Books from Barry Zalma
  • Insurance Fraud Conviction Affirmed
  • Fortuity — Necessary to Understand Insurance Fraud
  • Strange Testimony
  • Good News From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
  • Health Insurance Fraud Convictions
  • Other Insurance Fraud Convictions


The most recent posts to the daily blog, Zalma on Insurance, are available at including the following:

Zalma’s Insurance 101

Zalma Insurance Consultants and ClaimSchool Inc. have launched “Zalma’s Insurance 101,” a new online resource that provides video-based insurance training on Each educational video, which is about three minutes each, offers free commentaries on insurance, insurance claims handling, and insurance coverage.

Designed for people in the insurance business, whether they are working as an insurance agent, insurance broker, insurance claims person or insurance lawyer, the video series teaches the basics and beyond. It starts with a definition of insurance, moves through methods to read and understand an insurance policy, and continues on to deal with the claim and use of investigative techniques.

Said Zalma, “It is my intent in creating these videos to provide anyone interested in insurance a means to painlessly learn everything there is to know about property and casualty insurance in three-minute increments. If you start at Video Volume 1 and watch a new video every day, three minutes a day, five days a week, you will have 12.5 hours of insurance education at the end of a year.”

View one a day, starting at Volume 1 each day for a year or watch as many as you like. I will continue to add to the list as time goes by with the information adapted from my book Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide, available from National Underwriter Company.
New From National Underwriter

Available from the Zalma Insurance Claims Library.

Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide

“Insurance Law”

Mold Claims Coverage Guide

Construction Defects Coverage Guide
New From The American Bar Association
Diminution in Value Damages

How to Determine the Proper Measure of Damage to Real and Personal Property

This book was written to provide sufficient information to those who became interested in the issue since the Georgia Supreme Court decided State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Mabry, 274 Ga. 498, 556 S.E.2d 114 (Ga. 11/28/2001) and includes cases dealing with the use of diminution in value as a method of determining the amount of loss incurred by a plaintiff seeking indemnity for damage to real or personal property.

This edition has been totally rewritten and expanded, providing the most extensive and detailed coverage of the issue and a thorough explanation of how to apply diminution in value damages to losses to property.
ISBN: 978-1-63425-295-8, Product Code: 5190524, 2015, 235 pages, 7 x 10, Paperback
Available at

The Insurance Fraud Deskbook; or, or 800-285-2221.

Barry Zalma

Mr. Zalma is an internationally recognized insurance coverage and insurance claims handling expert witness or consultant.  He is available to provide advice, counsel, consultation, expert testimony, mediation, and arbitration concerning issues of insurance coverage, insurance fraud, first and third party insurance coverage issues, insurance claims handling and bad faith.

Mr. Zalma publishes books on insurance topics and insurance law at where you can purchase  e-books written and published by Mr. Zalma and ClaimSchool, Inc.  Mr. Zalma also blogs “Zalma on Insurance” at

You can follow Mr. Zalma on Twitter at
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Insurance 101 – Construction Defects

December 2, 2015 at 2pm EDT Featured Speaker: Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, Zalma Insurance Consultants

Barry Zalma is a nationally-renowned insurance coverage and claims expert, attorney,
author, consultant, expert witness and certified fraud examiner.

Exclusive $79 Webinar Bundle Offer Includes: » 1-Hour Webinar: Construction Defect Insurance Claims 101 » Construction Defects Coverage Guide: 2-volume book | 1,248 pages (a $196 value!) » CE Credit has been applied for CA, CT, FL, LA, NC, NY, OH, PA, TX, and VA and is pending certification by their respective Departments of Insurance.

1-Hour Webinar Covers: » Construction Defect Defined » Footings, Foundations, and Frame Construction » Defective Roofing Materials and Failure of Roofing Materials » The Defects » Construction Experts and Consultants » Building Code Compliance » The Construction Defect Suit » And MORE!
Construction Defects Coverage Guide 2015 | Retail Price: $196 | Paperback | 2-volumes | 1,248 pages
Product Number: 6230000

Construction Defects Coverage Guide helps property owners, developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, insurers, and lenders, as well as their risk managers and lawyers rapidly resolve construction defect claims when they arise and avoid construction litigation. If litigation becomes necessary it will help the prosecution or defense of construction defect suits effectively.

The wide range of topics covered helps you: » Identify the potential exposures throughout the entire construction process » Successfully manage the risks » Acquire the correct construction defect insurance » Underwrite against construction defect claims » Understand exactly how insurers decide whether to insure » Confront and minimize losses caused by construction defects » Decide when to pursue litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

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