Insurance 101 – Chapter 6 – Volume 17 – Waiver and Estoppel

Waiver and Estoppel

Although the concepts of “waiver” and “estoppel” are usually lumped together, they are totally different concepts that, when applied, result in similar conclusions by a trier of fact. Waiver is a voluntary relinquishment or abandonment—express or implied—of a legal right or advantage.  The person who is found to have waived a right must do it knowingly, with knowledge of the existing right and the intention of forgoing the right.  Estoppel has a court create a bar that prevents one from asserting a claim or right that contradicts what one has said or done before or what has been legally established as true.

The following video was adapted from my book, “Insurance Claims A Comprehensive Guide” Published by the National Underwriter Company and is available at the Zalma Insurance Claims Library

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