Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter March 15, 2016,Volume 20, No. 6

Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter March 15, 2016,
Volume 20, No. 6
Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter
Welcome to the March 15, 2016 Issue of ZIFL
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In this, the third issue of the 20th year of publication of Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter (ZIFL), Barry Zalma, on January 15, 2016 continues the effort to reduce the effect of insurance fraud around the world. The issue indicates that, regardless of some success, the efforts must be increased.
Insurance fraud investigations must be conducted fairly, thoroughly, and always in good faith. Insurance professionals must understand and act ethically in everything they do in their claims investigations and evaluation of an insurance policy and its coverages.
The current issue of ZIFL reports on:

  • Doctor-Lawyer Conspiracy
  • Barry Zalma
  • Man Bites Dog Story — Six Million to Allstate From Fraudulent Clinics
  • Proformative Academy Webinars
  • Good News From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
    • Fraud of the Month
    • Convictions
  • Books from Barry Zalma
  • Wisdom
  • Ethics & Insurance Fraud Investigations
  • The Zalma Insurance Claims Library
  • Health Insurance Fraud Convictions
  • Books from the American Bar Association
  • Zalma Insurance Consultants
  • Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter
  • Zalma’s Insurance 101

Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter – Vol. 20, Number 6

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Insurance Publications by Barry Zalma
The Zalma Insurance Claims Library

Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide

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In addition the standard FC&S Online published by The National Underwriter Company now includes a Fraud Channel with the majority of the information taken from my work on insurance fraud. It is available at The Fraud Channel covers issues like: Fraud Basics, Checklists and Charts, Investigation, Ethics, Reference Materials, Fraud Of The Week, and  both the full text and summaries of insurance fraud Cases.

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You automatically receive-AT NO ADDITIONAL COST-a subscription to the author’s e-newsletter: The Monday Claims Report, a weekly e-newsletter featuring coverage and analysis on the top insurance law court decisions from across the country.

From The American Bar Association
by Barry Zalma 
How to Determine the Proper Measure of Damage to Real and Personal Property
This book was written to provide sufficient information to those who became interested in the issue since the Georgia Supreme Court decided State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Mabry, 274 Ga. 498, 556 S.E.2d 114 (Ga. 11/28/2001) and includes cases dealing with the use of diminution in value as a method of determining the amount of loss incurred by a plaintiff seeking indemnity for damage to real or personal property.
Because confusion has reigned across the United States concerning the proper measure of damages for property damage to property that has been repaired, Diminution In Value Damages assists the reader in answering the questions concerning the proper measure of damage in each of the fifty United States and federal United States jurisdictions.
This edition has been totally rewritten and expanded, providing the most extensive and detailed coverage of the issue and a thorough explanation of how to apply diminution in value damages to losses to property.
ISBN: 978-1-63425-295-8, Product Code: 5190524, 2015, 235 pages, 7 x 10, Paperback

00-285-2221. Available at

The Insurance Fraud Deskbook is a valuable resource for those who are engaged in the effort to reduce expensive and pervasive occurrences of insurance fraud. It explains the elements of the crime and the tort to claims personnel, and it provides information for lawyers who represent insurers, so they can adequately advise their clients. Prosecutors and their investigators can use this book to determine what is required to prove the crime and win their case.

The full text of decisions from courts of appeal and supreme courts across the country are provided so the reader can understand what happens after the investigation is completed and can apply that information to undertake their own thorough investigations. It allows claims personnel and their lawyers to understand what errors would cause a defeat or a not-guilty verdict. The effort to reduce insurance fraud requires the assistance of both civil and criminal courts.
 The Insurance Fraud Deskbook can assist the prudent fraud investigator, insurance adjuster, insurance attorney, insurance Special Investigation Unit, and insurance company management to attain the information needed to deal with state investigators and prosecutors.

ISBN: 978-1-62722-676-9  Product Code: 5190506
2014, 486 pages, 7 x 10, Paperback

Available from the American Bar Association at:; or, or 800-285-2221.

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Zalma on Insurance – A Blog

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Zalma’s Insurance 101

I have also created a video blog called Zalma’s Insurance 101 which currently has over 462 three to four minute videos starting with “What is Insurance” and moving forward to the Appraisal explaining the basics of insurance and insurance claims handling in a painless fashion that can be viewed every morning with the first cup of coffee at Zalma’s Insurance 101

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