Insurance 101 – Chapter 14 – Volume 34 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If all other methods fail, before going to trial, the adjuster should attempt to get the plaintiff and plaintiff’s counsel to agree to alternative dispute resolution (ADR). ADR is becoming a powerful force in insurance claims resolution. Retired jurists and attorneys have formed organizations through which they offer their services to assist in this process. The input of a retired judge acting as mediator may be all that is necessary to convince the plaintiff that a settlement offer is reasonable. The parties concerned split the cost equally, and can therefore be confident that the mediator is unbiased. The dispute is usually  resolved quickly, and the costs of defending a suit for the years the courts require to bring  a matter to trial are avoided.

The following video was adapted from my book, “Insurance Claims A Comprehensive Guide” Published by the National Underwriter Company and is available at the Zalma Insurance Claims Library

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