The First Annual Claims Magazine/ACE Legend Award

Honored for a 48 Year Love of Insurance Law

Please visit where, although I was sworn to secrecy, it seems that Claims Magazine has issued the news in advance of the ACE Conference, you will understand why I was asking all of you that can to attend the ACE Conference in Minneapolis to do so. I hope to see everyone of my readers there.

The article conveys my advice for anyone entering the insurance field today simple — enjoy yourself. “It’s a great business and one of the only white-collar jobs where you get to meet new people every day — in person or on the phone — have to educate yourself, learn new things every day, and you can make a fairly good living at it.”

“I never went to work feeling like it was going to be a bad day, although I knew there would be bad days. If you have a job where you enjoy yourself, it doesn’t feel like work.”

Barry Zalma has helped to educate hundreds of professionals by sharing his hard-earned lessons through articles, presentations, videos, blogs, books and other outlets. For his many contributions to the insurance industry over a lifetime, Zalma will be recognized with the first annual Claims Magazine/ACE Legend Award at the America’s Claims Event Conference in Minneapolis, Minn., this month.

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