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Random Thoughts on Insurance – Vol. IV

Since 2010 I have been writing a blog post at least five days a week. This e-book is a collection of those posts that reveal my interest in insurance case law from 2014 to 2016. Some of the cases reviewed were important. Some were of first impression. Others will be totally unimportant. All were interesting to me and I hope are interesting to the reader. This e-book is more than 700 pages of my review of interesting cases from 2013 through January 2014.

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Insurance Fraud & Weapons to Defeat Fraud

Insurance fraud continually takes more money each year than it did the last from the insurance buying public. There is no certain number because most attempts at insurance fraud succeed. Estimates of the extent of insurance fraud in the United States range from $87 billion to more than $300 billion every year.

Insurers and government backed pseudo-insurers can only estimate the extent they lose to fraudulent claims. Lack of sufficient investigation and prosecution of insurance criminals is endemic. Most insurance fraud criminals are not detected. Those that are detected do so because they became greedy, sloppy and unprofessional so that the attempted fraud becomes so obvious it cannot be ignored.

No one will ever be able to place an exact number on the amount lost to insurance fraud. Everyone who has looked at the issue knows – whether based on their heart, their gut or empirical fact determined from convictions for the crime of insurance fraud – that the number is enormous.

When insurers and governments put on a serious effort to reduce the amount of insurance fraud the number of claims presented to insurers and the pseudo-government-based or funded insurers drops logarithmically.

The e-book contains the full text of the most important insurance fraud cases in over 2000 pages of material essential to every insurance fraud professional.

Getting the Whole Truth

The interview is an essential form of fact gathering for every type of human interaction. Interviews happen everywhere; they are performed by almost everyone. Interviewing is also an art, and the most effective interviews are conducted by those who are knowledgeable and skilled in this art.

The purpose of an interview is to uncover the truth; the method of uncovering the truth is the art of the interview. The standard interview does not have, nor should it be given, the pejorative sense conveyed by the expression “giving someone the third degree.” Interview professionals do not use rubber hoses or hot lights, or subject the interviewee to torture. In their limited arsenal, professionals do not have the power of the state, the reputation of the FBI, the majesty of a court trial, nor the intimidation of a search warrant.

Civil interviewing professionals are, therefore, compelled to get the information they need by intelligence, wit, skill, and experience. They must be masters of the social graces; they must know how to put people at ease. The skill of the professional causes the person being interviewed to actually want to give information to the interviewer. When the interview is successful, the subject becomes a virtual partner with the professional in the effort to uncover the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

This ebook will help anyone who needs to obtain information from anyone else gain the information needed whether a business person, reporter, interviewer, investigator or lawyer.

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